quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Red Shoes

Sit down, and fire away,
I know it's tricky
when you're feeling low,
when you feel like your
flavour has gone
the way of a pre shelled pistachio
I know you're weighed down,
fed up with your heavy boots
laced with melancholy
notions all your own.

I do
- like sugar-
tend toward the brittle and sticky
when spun and i know
my demeanor has gone the way of a photo
left out in the sun so
I try to keep myself
in lilies and flax seeds
and what's the folly of fooling just yourself

Sit down and smoke away,
I wouldn't knock it til you're
in them shoes
and i know that our subtlety blows away
as a blush it gives way to a bruise
but seemly we'd freely pay the trade off,
a dry rot to take the weight off
and swap the boots for red shoes.


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Deize Almeida disse...


Bete Feitosa disse...


Dm Am
Bb Gm Gm/A
C7+ F7+ Bb B° C ?
q porra é essa velho, tá q nem eu eh? fazendo música até com pum?

sei não, sei não, já tenho música demais hahahahah (vc bem sabe disso)

como é o nome da criatura que canta isso mesmo? curti!

jair... n gosto de seu template, acho mto gótico hahahahha
outra coisa, eu n consigo visualizar o blog do povo que eu sigo tsc.

Coisas que eu sei disse...

vc adoa pés de sapatos né!!! rsrs
mas eu gostei tb

Mr. Guima disse...

adoro pés (e mãos) kkkkk